Children's wallpapers

Children's wallpaper in calming colours

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created beautiful decorative children's wallpaper in the iconic and signature Cam Cam prints. All of our children's wallpapers are inspired by nature and culture and are meant to inspire your child and awaken their creativity. The children's wallpaper uses soft and calming colours and creative shapes to create a secure nursery where your child can sleep, rest, play, etc. 

Our kids’ bedroom wallpaper is suitable for babies, toddlers and bigger children

Wallpapering a room can be a big project, but you do not have to worry about changing the wallpaper every year because Cam Cam Copenhagen’s wallpapers are classic and suitable for babies, toddlers, and bigger children.

Create a personal nursery with our children's wallpaper

The children's wallpaper is the perfect way to create a secure and personal nursery or kids' room. The wallpaper matches the rest of our universe and allows you to be creative. In our selection of items you can use in your child's room, you will find beds, shelves, mobiles, bed bumpers etc., – everything you need to create a cosy, secure, and beautiful nursery or bedroom. 

Non-woven children's wallpaper

Our children's wallpaper is a non-woven wallpaper and is easy to use, and requires minimal effort to hang perfectly. The wallpaper will not change in size or shape when on the wall. With just a little paste applied directly to the wall, the wallpaper will go up without the need for the edges to overlap. It is also possible to reposition the wallpaper once up, and it will not tear, so you can remove it and replace it easy and quick. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy

Cam Cam Copenhagen believes that all children and families deserve the best quality. We want to create traditional, sustainable and safe products for your family. We have created a universe filled with beautiful and practical baby equipment. The baby equipment includes baby accessories for sleep and cuddling, functional baby equipment to bring on the go, furniture for the nursery or children's room, etc. All of our products are made with sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, seagrass, etc. This makes them toxic-free and entirely safe for you and your family. Our products will last for many years and across generations. You can learn more about our certifications here