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Article: SS20 Collection

SS20 Collection


I wish I had wings - Maybe someday you will 
Inspiration is everywhere. On the other side of the world and just around the corner. In the blues of a delicate flower and in the graceful geometry of a fin de siècle Ferris wheel. In the logic of fussy clockworks and flying umbrellas alike. In the timeless truth of fairy tales. In the wonder of nature’s simplicity and real-life babel towers whose makers weren’t afraid to push the sky away and open the realm of reality.
Just imagine and start inventing.


The SS20 collection DARE TO DREAM is a tribute to the courage and creativity that move the world. To poets, professors, and pioneers. To the miraculous creations we take for granted today even if they changed the world of yesterday. From airplanes and automobiles to fairy tales and Ferris wheels. From the Eiffel Tower to ancient Eastern arts and crafts. Ground-breaking inventions that came to life because their creators dared to imagine the impossible and make it possible.
And isn’t this what we all want for our children? That they never cease to think big, dream away, and aim for the sky. That they follow their imagination to the end of the rainbow. That they’ll challenge today to invent tomorrow. Change begins with curiosity. So, let’s tell stories and put trust in fairy tales. Make up magic machines and build sky-high towers. Fly away in air balloons. Let’s risk the fall and take the jump. Let’s be curious. Let’s be courageous. Let’s make our children want to move the world.
 Let’s make them believe they can. Dare to dream. Dare to do.


This season’s imaginative print Inventions draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau era where the fascination of movement and dynamism brought along incredible inventions, such as the airplane, the car, and the gramophone. Magical new machines paving the way for a new world, in arts as well as technology and mentality. A bold modernism where human beings could suddenly touch the sky – whether from a 324m high steel tower or a flying aircraft. Delight in the airs of Debussy on the gramophone and feel the freedom behind the wheel. 
The print features meticulously hand-drawn inventions in rich mustard on a light sand background. A figurative print that is simultaneously modern and nostalgic, scientific and surreal, particular and playful – like a meet and greet with the professor and the poet at the cabaret. Born to inspire storytelling and imagination. Not to mention, new inventions!
The beautiful blue-toned floral print Fiori salutes the Art Nouveau movement, its romantic essence and its fascination with Japan, as seen in the turn of the century tradition of Liberty prints, drawing inspiration from the East. Inspired by the curved, organic forms of plants and flowers, Art Nouveau is a meticulously decorative style, influenced by the Japanese arts and crafts tradition for woodblock prints. Contemporised as in the Fiori print it brings new dimensions to Scandinavian simplicity.
 Fiori is a delicate watercolour print, drawn freehand. The print’s floating flowers motif blends ethereal Japanese notes with references to the Danish tradition for blue-on-white flowers, known and loved from the Royal Copenhagen porcelain as an innate part of the Danish aesthetic heritage. Delicate yet distinctive in its poetic simplicity, the SS20 print is destined to become a forever stylish icon for all of us with a penchant for the bluish side of life.