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Article: The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving




This is to say THANK YOU to all of you who helped us help!


As a result of your generous orders in the first week of December, we managed to help make Christmas more joyful for more than 1000 mothers and children by donating one product to charity for every online purchase that week.


Earlier this week the 1097 products were shipped from our Copenhagen HQ to 12 organisations who will help distribute the various products to the appropriate receivers.





Rigshospitalets Børneafdeling


Hvidovre Hospitals Skoleafdeling

Krisecenter Garvergården

Skolemad i Nepal

Familieinstitutionen Bethesda

Villa Skodsborg

Bagsværd Observationshjem

Ronald McDonald Børnehus


Thank you so much for your support - it makes all the difference!







 During this festive season of giving and receiving, we would like to make Christmas more joyful for those who need it the most. And you can help us help.

For every purchase made on our webshop before December 2nd, we will donate a Christmas present for vulnerable mothers and children in need.


Find your sustainable gifts, organic essentials and future family heirlooms in our beautiful collection of timeless treasures and enjoy the gift of giving.


Together we can create Christmas magic!