Kids' rugs 

Woollen kids' rugs

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a small collection of beautiful hand-tufted woollen kids' rugs to make a cosy, warm and pleasant environment in the nursery or bedroom. The hand-tufted woollen kids' carpet has a round shape and comes in different beautiful designs, bringing creativity and a joyful atmosphere to any room. The kids' rugs pair perfectly with other designs and collections from Cam Cam Copenhagen. Use a kids' carpet as a soft and comfortable rug beside the bed, or place it near a wardrobe for tiny feet to stand on when changing clothes. 

Rug for babies 

The kids' rugs from Cam Cam Copenhagen are made from 100% wool and are very soft and comfortable. Every kids' carpet has excellent durability, and due to the natural presence of lanolin in the wool, the rug is dirt repellent. Cam Cam Copenhagen's kids' rugs are thick and warm, and because of the thickness of the rugs, every rug from our collection can be used as a rug for babies to lay on for playtime. Because of the size and shape of the kids' carpet, it fits into most rooms.

Natural and sustainable kids' rugs

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to make sustainable and long-lasting kids' products in high-quality materials and timeless designs. All our products, including our kids' rugs, are made from natural, eco-friendly materials without harmful chemicals. Following environmentally and socially responsible production, all our products are from natural, safe and organic materials such as 100% organic cotton, wool, natural rubber, FSC-certified wood and food-grade silicone. We follow globally leading organic and sustainable production standards and are certified GOTS, FSC and OCS. Our kids' rugs are made from 100% natural wool, making them long-lasting and sustainable. They are multifunctional and can be used by babies, toddlers and children. Learn more about our sustainable choice and certifications here.