Backpacks for toddlers and children

Mini backpacks for children

Cam Cam Copenhagen's selection of backpacks will suit every child's needs and wishes. We have created two stylish and ergonomic mini backpacks: one for kindergarten children and one for bigger school children. The backpacks are designed in our well known calming colours and creative Cam Cam prints. As you probably already know, you can find many items made in our Cam Cam prints in our universe. This allows you and your child to mix and match products and items as you like. You can mix the mini backpack with a pencil case in the same print or in a different print for a personal and playful expression.

Mini backpack for school

We have a selection of beautiful and practical mini backpacks for school. The front pocket of the backpack has thermal insulation, which makes it perfect for school, field trips, and other excursions, where your child will be bringing lunch or snacks. The mini backpack also has room for a drinking bottle on the side, a laptop compartment, adjustable ergonomic straps for improved comfort, and a chest strap in the front, so your child will feel comfortable while wearing the backpack. When you choose a backpack for your child, it is essential that you choose a backpack your child likes and that fits the child's needs. Why is it important to choose a backpack that your child likes? Because your child should express their own style and feel safe and confident when wearing it to school. The child will be wearing the backpack many times throughout the day, so it is also important to choose a comfortable and ergonomic backpack. 

Mini backpack for kindergarten

Our small but spacious mini backpack for kindergarten children is mas in organic cotton. The backpack is designed in our beautiful Cam Cam colours and creative Cam Cam prints and will suit every kindergarten child's needs and wishes. The backpack is lightweight, coated and water repellent and designed with a chest strap for improved comfort and functionality. The kindergarten backpack is perfect for everyday use and also for trips and excursions on the weekends. 

Cam Cam Copenhagen's philosophy

Some of our keywords are longevity, creativity, safety, playfulness, and calmness. Cam Cam Copenhagen believes that all children deserve the best quality, and we have created a universe filled with beautiful baby accessories for sleep and cuddle, practical baby equipment to bring on the go, furniture for the nursery or children's room, etc. Our vision is to create classic, sustainable and safe products for your family. In our universe, you will find completely safe products that are free from harmful chemicals. Our products are classic and made with sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Oeko-tex Standard polyester, seagrass, etc. Our products will last for many years and across generations. You can learn more about our certifications here