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Bamboo Dinnerware

Baby's first spoon is a landmark moment. Our Bamboo tableware 4-piece-set has been designed to make meal time an enjoyable moment for both child and parents. The delicate and poetic hand-drawn illustrations of animal and nature are distinctive of Cam Cam Copenhagen. The divided plates are perfect for when the little one starts to eat and and try different types of solid food. The bowl and plate come with expertly thought design features like an edge to hold on to or wipe the bottom of the spoon off, to avoid any excess food dripping. Each set consists of 4 pieces of tableware: 1 deep bowl, 1 deep plate, 1 cup with handle and 1 deep spoon.   Buy the dinnerware sets here in the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.

For the first meals

 The practical and pretty dinnerware set made of bamboo fibres with delicate hand drawn illustrations with different themes. The shape of the dinnerware is optimised to the functionality of feeding a baby with an eye for detail; not just with the edge but als the amount of food it should contain. Serving suggestion: Complement the dinnerware with our bibs and soft muslins just in case it gets messy. Shop everything for the baby here at the official Cam Cam Copenhagen webshop.