6-12 months

When you buy a gift for a baby at the age of 6-12 months, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Are you looking for a practical gift, everyday stuff like pacifiers or sleeping bags, a stimulating gift to help development and learning, or a gift for the nursery? In our universe, you will find a wide selection of baby equipment. Cam Cam Copenhagen creates safe and sustainable baby equipment for babies and toddlers. 

Stimulating toys for a baby

Around the age of 6-12 months, the baby begins to sit up and move around on the floor, crawl, and eventually take their first steps. They spent their time eating, napping, exploring the big world, and developing skills quickly. From 6-12 months, babies will hit several important milestones as they become more independent and interact with the world around them. They start to babble and develop a language. They begin to recognize faces, sounds, shapes, emotions, etc. Toys that can be used to support this development are therefore a great idea. Playmats, toys for bath time, wooden toys to use for role-playing, small balls, etc. Rattles, cotton play balls, and wooden toys can also be used for neck training on the playmat. While the baby is lying on its tummy, place a rattle in front of the baby. All of these items will be a sustainable choice, as they will also be useful when the baby gets older.

Practical gifts for a baby 6-12 months

During the first year, the baby will also get its first teeth. Teething means drool, itchy gums, and sleepless nights. Teethers to calm the itchy gums and bibs to prevent drool from getting all over the clothes is a very practical gift for both baby and parent/parents. Utensils like spoons in a soft baby-proof material are also a great gift for a 6-12-month-old baby. At this age, motor- and grasping skills are developed. Utensils are a great tool to help the baby develop their ability to judge distance as well.

Baby gifts for bath time  

Bath time is an important time for a small baby. They are sensing and splashing the warm water, playing with toys, and bonding with the parent/parents. The baby can learn to immerse through play with bath toys during bath time and calm down in the lovely warm water. Bath time is a nice way to calm the baby down before bedtime.  

The list of gifts to give a 6-12-months-old baby is endless. All you have to do is to figure out what kind of gift it has to be. Cam Cam Copenhagen's universe has a wide range of sustainable and appropriate baby equipment, and you are guaranteed to find a perfect gift here. Our vision is to create useful and long-lasting baby equipment that lasts across generations.