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Article: The Sustainable Choice

The Sustainable Choice

Sustainability is key to Cam Cam Copenhagen. It was the reason why, back in 2012 when the company was founded, and still is today!
Cam Cam Copenhagen uses 100% organic cotton in all textile products and the entire furniture collection is produced in Europe from sustainable FSC-certified wood and child-safe VOC–free paint.
Cam Cam Copenhagen is a GOTS-certified company, working only with GOTS-certified textile manufacturers to ensure that the products are produced from organic materials, in the eco-friendliest manor, and under socially responsible manufacturing conditions.
Children grow fast. So do their needs. Cam Cam Copenhagen strives to accommodate this reality and defy throw-away culture by offering products that are multifunctional and follow the child’s development by changing function alongside the shifting needs. Thus, encouraging families to make sustainable choices by opting for products meant to last a lifetime through their timeless design, innovative functionality and high-quality materials. Letting longevity lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.
Take a look at this video where co-owner Robert Warren Paulsen share his reflections on what sustainability means to Cam Cam Copenhagen and explains the measures we take to care for our planet and future generations.