Duvets, pillows and mattresses

Crib mattresses for babies

A baby sleeps many hours both day and night. Choosing the right baby mattress is therefore important. A good baby mattress will ensure comfort and support, providing the perfect environment for a good night's sleep for your baby. Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a sustainable universe of long-lasting baby and toddler equipment. To keep your child as comfortable, safe and secure as possible while sleeping, we have gathered a small selection of baby mattresses. The baby mattress fits our baby beds perfectly. The crib mattress is made from 100% kapok, which is a natural, organic and sustainable material from the Kapok tree, also known as the Silk-cotton tree. It contains 80% air and is 8 times lighter than cotton! We have chosen to make the baby mattress in kapok because it is a silky natural fibre that is incredibly temperature regulating, moisture transporting and breathable, making your baby sleep like an angel. 

Baby pillow in organic cotton and merino wool

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s soft junior pillow is made in 100% organic cotton and filled with 100% merino wool. Merino wool is a natural material that provides comfort and regulates temperature. The pillow matches our pillow covers from all of our bedding sets.

Choose Cam Cam Copenhagen's baby duvet for your baby

It is essential to buy a quality duvet for your baby. Our baby duvet will provide the perfect temperature and weight for your baby to feel safe and secure in their crib. With a comfortable baby duvet, your baby will feel calm while sleeping, letting their tiny brains grow and absorb all of the impressions they get throughout the day. Match the baby duvet with a poetic and creative bedding cover made from organic cotton and untreated merino wool. Wool is the most natural material for temperature and moisture regulation, and combined with soft organic cotton, it is comfortable and airy to sleep with. Find our beautiful bedding in organic cotton with creative prints and calming colours for the baby duvet.

A sustainable choice – baby mattress and baby duvet in natural materials

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to make sustainable and long-lasting products to be used across generations. We use only natural materials in our products, such as 100% organic cotton, wool, organic kapok, wood, natural rubber, food-grade silicone etc.—following a socially and environmentally responsible production. We ensure that our products, including our baby mattresses and baby duvets, are made from eco-friendly materials. Cam Cam Copenhagen's crib mattress and baby duvet are safe for children to sleep with. We are always following globally leading organic and sustainable production standards, and we are certified in GOTS, FSC and OCS. Learn more about our sustainable choice and certifications here.