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Play Gym

Play Gym / Play Tent

Sustainability, function and design goes hand in hand with our new play gym, which can be transformed into a tent, when baby starts to crawl and therefore has a change in need. A play gym for a baby is a great tool, when you need your baby to be stimulated for a while, without your help. However, a play gym has a very limited life cycle, as it becomes irrelevant, when your baby (too quickly) learns to crawl and no longer has the desire to lie on it’s back for more than five seconds at a time! We have extended the life span of the play gym, by further developing the design, so that the play gym’s tripod folds out into a tent, that your child will love for many years to come.

Pay Gym Toys toys without chemicals

Cam Cam Copenhagens selection of organic baby toys ranges from teddy bears to cuddle clothsplay gyms and baby balls. You can find baby toys that stimulate the babys' senses as well as supersoft toys, suitable to be used as a sleeping companion. Babys and toddlers develop via play and these play toys stimulate their development. Activity toys from Cam Cam Copenhagen strengthen the childs gripping reflex and have a little bell inside that rings ever so lightly and stimulates the babys senses or make another stimulating sound. Hang them from the play gym or attach them to something else so your baby has something to look at and play with while lying on a blanket. All toys from Cam Cam are entirely free of harmful chemicals so you can have a clear and good consciousness when giving it to your baby. Get a cute star or balloon activity toy to put on the play gym. Buy Cam Cam baby toys here in the official webshop.