Suitcase for kids

Childrens' suitcases in beautiful prints

Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a small selection of cute childrens' suitcases in various sizes. Our suitcases for kids come in different Cam Cam prints and match many of our other products, such as dolls' accessories, playmats, rugs, baskets and bins, and much more. The childrens' suitcases come in sets of two. The sets combine suitcases of two sizes and two prints. Our suitcases for kids are the perfect accessory for the nursery or bedroom. The adorable children's suitcase can be used for both storage and playing.

Adorable kid's suitcase for many hours of playing

Our adorable suitcase for kids is a guaranteed starting point for many hours of happy packing and unpacking. The childrens' suitcases are perfect for toddlers or older kids to carry around toys or goods, going on imagined travels or adventures at home or to a friend's house. The children's suitcase is also great to use as storage for rattles, teethers, toys etc., in the nursery.

Use our suitcases to store your baby's clothes

Life with a baby equals a lot of clothes, cloths, accessories and other items. Make your baby's storage and organizing cute and creative, and mix the suitcases in different Cam Cam prints. The beautiful suitcase is also suitable to store your baby's bodies, socks, bibs, muslin cloths etc. 

Suitcase for kids in FSC-certified cardboard

Cam Cam Copenhagen's vision is to make sustainable and long-lasting products to be used across generations. We ensure that all our products, including our children's suitcases, are eco-friendly and made from natural quality materials. The Cam Cam Copenhagen suitcases for kids are FSC Mix certified and produced using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or other controlled sources. It's important for us that our products are sustainable and child-safe to use.  

Choose products in organic, sustainable and natural materials

Cam Cam Copenhagen's suitcase for kids is safe for children to play with. Cam Cam Copenhagen has created a universe filled with products made from natural materials such as 100% organic cotton, wood, organic Kapok, wool, natural rubber, food-grade silicone etc.— always following a socially and environmentally responsible production. You will find the following certifications in our collection of certificates: GOTS, FSC and OCS. Learn more about our sustainable choice and certifications here.