Cam Cam Copenhagen is built upon a vision of creating beautiful and sustainable products for families’ special moments.
Eco-friendly materials, socially and environmentally responsible production, and timeless design form the essence of our commitment to caring for the future, our children, and the planet.
By offering child-safe products that are meant to last through their impeccable quality, everlasting sophistication, and intelligent functionality Cam Cam Copenhagen is dedicated to letting longevity lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.We believe that trust and transparency are key factors when it comes to sustainability. For you to feel confident that you are making the right choices for your family, we have chosen to walk the extra mile and, as one of the few brands in the industry, become certified by the following globally leading standards within organic and sustainable production: GOTS, FSC, and OCS.
Read more about our certifications and sustainable commitment below.


Certified 100% organic cotton

Organic cotton is at the heart of Cam Cam Copenhagen.
Vital for our aim to create superbly soft textiles that are comfortable and safe for your child to be surrounded by, 100% organic cotton has been our primary resource since the beginning.
GOTS is globally recognised as the leading standard for organic textile production, securing a safe, humane, and toxic free working environment.
As a GOTS-certified company Cam Cam Copenhagen offers organic cotton products that comply with the strictest environmental and social requirements throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The GOTS database and our license can be found here.


Responsible forestry

Cam Cam Copenhagen is FSC®-certified. FSC helps take care of forests for future generations. Our products are made from certified, responsibly managed forests where no more trees are harvested than the forests can reproduce, and where animals and plant life are protected, and from other controlled sources.
Look for our FSC-certified products: wooden furniture and toys, and paper and cardboard stationary, storage and toys. Choose FSC is you wish to help ensuring that our forests are alive for generations to come.

The FSC database and our license can be found here



Certified 100% organic cotton

Cam Cam Copenhagen is OCS-certified. OCS is your guarantee that the product is made from certified organic cotton. The standard is used for products containing a blend of materials, i.e. textile products with a bell, a music box, recycled polyester, or metal parts. The OCS-certified products are produced in the same facilities as our GOTS-certified products and the social responsibility criteria are the same.


Making it last

Children grow fast. So do their needs. Cam Cam Copenhagen strives to accommodate this reality and defy throw-away culture by offering products that are multifunctional and follow the child’s development by changing function alongside the shifting needs. Thus, encouraging families to make sustainable choices by opting for products meant to last a lifetime through their timeless design, innovative functionality, and high-quality materials. Letting longevity lead the way to a sustainable lifestyle.


Take a look at this video where co-owner Robert Warren Paulsen shares his reflections on what sustainability means to Cam Cam Copenhagen and explains the measures we take to look for our planet and future generations.